How to lose weight and gain muscle fast

If you want to have more strength then you need to lose weight and gain muscle fast. When lifting those weights the heavier you go the stronger your body will get. When you are lifting increasingly heavier weights your muscles will increase size so you can lift more poundage. So basically strength is determined by the actual size of muscle - workout with heavy weights and you will quickly and naturally begin to gain muscle mass.

The majority of people out there perform high rep exercises concentrating on a particular muscle group until they feel pumped and often leave their muscles sore. This type of exercise tends not to work simply because you can't lift or press enough weight to stimulate muscle growth.

Ordinary lifters looking to build muscle and size really need to do the heavy weight compound exercise like Squat, Bench Press, Dead-lifts, Overhead Presses and Barbell Rows. You simply need to lift much heavier weights. If you actually do this then you can gain much more muscle and strength without taking steroids or training more than the average three days a week. This method even works for people who find it hard to add muscle to their body.

Today! I am going to give you a definitive guide on how to gain muscle naturally and much quicker than you are at the moment.

How To Gain Muscle - The Basics

Most people read those muscle magazines and often copy or are inspired by the workouts those bodybuilders in them glossy pages perform. Many of these body builders have or are using drugs to get past a plateau in their muscle gaining. There workout routines they do now aren't the routines they used to build most of their bulk. This is the main reason why reading and following all those bodybuilding routines will not work for most people.

So! What should you be doing to gain more muscle?

  • Become Stronger. All the worlds finest bodybuilders that ever lived were strong. They knew that building strength would lead to muscle gains. If you lift heavier weights your muscle mass will increase due to your gains in strength. Upping your Squat, Bench Press or Dead-lift exercises to heavy weights is the best way to become stronger.
  • Increase Weight. Don't get hooked on high rep exercises that make you feel pumped or your muscles sore. Just focus on increasing the weight on bar at each workout. Aim to lift more than you did last time with your routine. This will help you to get much stronger and in turn will increase your muscle percentage. If you lift weights every week and you aren't lifting more than you did a month ago then you simply aren't adding muscle.
  • Do Compounds. Focus on doing exercises that use several muscles while performing a lift. This will help you to lift much heavier weights and will therefore trigger additional muscle growth. Include the heavy exercises in your workout routine such as Squats, Bench Press, Dead-lifts, Overhead Presses and Barbell Rows.
  • Use Barbells. You are able to lift much heavier weight by using a barbell than any other method. A barbell means you will be balancing the weight yourself and therefore involves more muscles and trigger better muscle growth. Always use free weights and never be tempted to use lifting machines.When starting out use lighter weights until you have learned the correct form to avoid gaining injuries later on.
  • Increase Frequency. The more you train a muscle will eventually lead to stimulating more muscle growth. The more you practice doing each exercise, the better you will become at performing them correctly and will lead you to being able to lift much heavier weights. Make sure you are doing Squatting, Bench Press And Pulling exercises at least three times a week.
  • Muscle Recovery. Your muscles need to have time to rest after these heavy workouts to grow and get much stronger. Working them every single day will not lead to bigger gains. Everything needs time to recover from intense situations. Make sure you have at least three to four resting days a week. Help the recovery process of your muscles by consuming enough food and water with the correct amount of sleep.
  • Eat More. The mechanics of your body uses the nutrients in food to fuel your workouts and aids in muscle recovery. Not consuming enough food each day will lead to your muscle not being able to recover and grow properly. The average man needs at least 3000 calories daily to successfully gain muscle. If you are particularly skinny with a high metabolism you will need to consume more calories than average to stimulate weight gain.
  • Eat Protein. Your body utilizes the properties inside protein to gain new muscle tissue and replace damaged muscle fibers after an intense workout. You will need to eat protein rich foods (typically 1.8g per kilogram of body-weight) that will help your body build muscle and recover damaged muscle tissue.
  • Realistic Goals. You can't gain massive muscles unless you are willing to risk your health and take steroids. You will not turn into Mt Universe inside three months as gaining muscle takes time. Set realistic goals and don't get intimidated by those bodybuilding photos thinking you need to look like that yourself. Focusing on improving your body steadily and be happy with the gains you are making.
  • Be Consistent. The average guy can gain 0.25kg (0.5lbs) of pure muscle each week if they follow an effective exercise routine and eat the correct food with the right nutritional values. It is biologically impossible to gain muscle faster and it will take at least a year to see any dramatic change in your muscle mass. So it is key to be consistent in your exercising, nutritional needs and recovery.

Gain Muscle - Growth Rate

As stated in the previous section most men can gain 0.25kg (0.5lbs) of pure muscle each week when they start off doing heavy weight exercise routines. That works out at around 12kg (24lbs) of muscle gain in the first year. Though this does depend on you following an effective training program, consuming the correct food and being consistent in your daily routine. After the first year gaining muscle will become increasing harder.

Achievable Rate Of Muscle Gain Annually

Your overall body weight can add 1kg or 2lbs of muscle each month when you begin your weight lifting routine. Your body will start to store glycogen inside your muscles to help power your heavy workouts. Glycogen tends to bind to water molecules and increases your body's water retention giving a fuller appearance. This water retention will increase your body weight but it is not pure muscle tissue.

Some men can gain more than the average 1kg (2lbs) of muscle per month thanks mainly to their genetics. Teenage men can gain muscle much quicker due to the body producing more testosterone in those growing years. Skinny men produce gains in muscle faster due to them being underweight at the beginning. Experienced people who have weight trained before gain muscle rapidly due to muscle memory.

On the flip side of this, older men gain muscle much slower due to the reduction of testosterone being produced in the body. This is the same for females as they only gain half as much muscle in the first year compared to the average man. Also strong people tend to gain muscle slower than weaker people due to the fact they already have adequate muscle mass.

With an effective training program you should really be expecting to gain 12kg (24lbs) of lean muscle on average in the first year. So anyone who has been lifting weights at home or in the gym for a length of time. Will still be able to make the average amount of muscle gain in the next 12 months by following an effective training program.

The majority of your gains in muscle mass will happen in the first three years of your training regime. When you start out your are weaker and have less muscle tissue to aid your lifting. So at this point you will find that you gain strength and muscle much quicker. You will gain most of your weight inside the first year and will reach a plateau by the third year.

Your body-weight will remain steady after the third year. This is because the more strength you have in your muscles, the harder it is to make more positive gains. You will find that you will need to workout much harder to receive much smaller gains in muscle and strength. However, when you finally reach this plateau, any gains you have made are much easier to maintain and will return much quicker if you decide to take a break from lifting weights.

It is a well known fact that it is much harder to gain muscle than it is to lose fat and increase your strength. You can easily lose fat by eating slightly less than usual. You can simply add some more weight to the barbell each week you workout. But you will never be able to gain more than the average amount of muscle per week.

Squat Gain, Fat Loss and Muscle Gain Comparisons

This is the main reason why you can't look like those guys in bodybuilding magazines, fitness models or buff film stars inside a few months. These people have probably been following an effective training regime for many years. Arnie was lifting weights for over 8 years before he won his first Mr Olympia title. You also have to be aware of the tricks in photography like lighting, body tanning and the good old Photoshop manipulation. Steroids could also be the reason some of these people have such successful muscle gains.

You cannot gain more than the average 1kg (2lbs) of muscle each month. This is where natural human generics reaches a limit. The best way of gaining muscle faster is by not being slower in making your gains. It is possible to gain 12kg (24lbs) of muscle in a year and make a big change in how your body looks. Be consistent with everything you do each and every day so it doesn't take longer to make those muscle gains.

Muscle Gains - Potential Growth

You maximum gains in overall muscular body-weight really depends on your bone density and how tall you are. Tall people tend to be capable of building more muscle mass than people who are shorter. People who have a larger thicker frame will gain more muscle than people with narrower frames and tinier joints.

Dr Casey Butt (source: his article) had been studying the potential maximum gains in muscle mass people can naturally obtain for many years. His research was based on the muscular size of bodybuilders before Anabolic Steroids had even been invented. Here is an info-graphic of Dr Casey's studies into the maximum muscle mass people can naturally obtain.

Maximum Muscular Mass Gained Naturally

These figures were based on someone who possess a wrist size of 7 inches and an ankle size of 9 inches with a body fat count of 10%. The bicep size indicates when the muscle is contracted around the largest point. Since this is a study on the male physique the female potential muscularity will be lower due to being shorter with a smaller frame and less testosterone in the body.

Studies were based on achievements made by the best bodybuilders who have ever lived such as Reg Park. So it is not realistic to think you can make these kind of muscle gains yourself. These weight lifters had better workout ethics and blessed with better genetics than their competitors. This is why they became bodybuilding champions.

So if you manage to achieve between 80-90% of your maximum muscular potential then you should be pretty pleased with yourself. The figures do show that most men will not be able to achieve a 200lb lean and muscular body structure. The average height for a man living in the United States is around the 1.75m (5ft 9in) mark. Unless you are a tall six footer then the only way you will achieve  200 pounds is by letting your body fat percentage increase or take the dreaded steroids. Simply working out harder will not make this happen.

Mentioning this study isn't meant to crush your dreams or demotivate you. It is here to help you keep realistic goals and not become demotivated because you can't achieve your impossible goal of 22 inch muscular biceps. Reg Park was 6 feet and 1 inches in height and weighed 214 pounds when he competed. He had 18.5 inch arms and could Squat 600lbs and Bench Press 500lbs. It isn't really realistic to think you could achieve better. Is it?

It is true that training methods and access to better nutrition has got better of the years. People are able to make much better gains in strength and muscle today than 60 years ago. But the passing of time has not changed human genetics when it comes to gaining muscle naturally. This factor really does depend on your height and build.

The thing that has changed over the years is the use and effectiveness of Anabolic Steroids. When Arnold Schwarzenegger competed he was 6 feet 2 inches and weighed 235 pounds. Three decades later when Ronnie Coleman entered he was 5 feet 11 inches and weighed a whopping 300 pounds. They could both perform Deadlifts of over 700lbs and worked hard to achieve their outstanding muscular physiques. Arnie has even admitted to taken drugs. But to get 65lb bigger more drugs must of been administered.

Many of the natural bodybuilding contestants will rarely tip the scales above 200lbs. When weighing that much they can't get lean enough to have a ripped physique to compete. Most natural bodybuilders will compete the lighter classes because that's what you will weigh when dropping into single figure body fat. To have a 200lb ripped body that has been developed naturally is extremely rare indeed.

Gaining Muscles Will Not Improve The Shape Of Your Muscles

Gaining Muscle - Muscular Shape

The shape of your muscles is purely driven by your individual human genetics. Your muscles look different for the same reason everything else about you looks different. You are able to increase the overall size of your muscles just by lifting heavier weights. But you will never have the ability to alter their shape because you cannot modify your genetics. 

  • Frame Size. People who possess a shorter torso look more muscular than people with longer torsos. Less muscle mass is required to fill the torso of a person with a short torso. People possessing a long torso will appear skinnier and have a tinier waist.
  • Muscle Insertions. If you have high insertions in your biceps when you contract your arms the muscle peak will be bigger. Your calf muscles will look smaller if your lower leg attachments are higher because there is less muscle to draw from. So the lower part of your leg will be a combination of bones and tendons.
  • Limb Length. People with long arms and legs will appear to be leaner looking as there is a longer area to fill with muscle. Long limbs means that an increase in muscle size is needed to make arms and legs look bigger in muscular mass. They will need to consume more food and add more weight than someone at the same height with shorter limbs.

It is important to note that you cannot isolate a particular area of a muscle. You cannot exercise the lower part of your triceps or the inner part of your pecs. You will have to work the whole muscle fully or not at all. You are able to increase the size of a muscle so it looks bigger and more defined. This is achieve by lifting heavy weights and consuming the correct nutrition.

Role Models do not show how to gain muscle

Muscle Building - Role Models

For the purpose of self-esteem you should not pressurize yourself into wanting to look like a particular celebrity or model. Each and everyone of us is made different and have unique shapes and lengths in body parts. Your genetics control the shape you muscles will be. Unless you have the same genetics to produce the same frame size, limb length and muscle insertion it is impossible to achieve the same body shape the celebrity or model has.

The movie stars and models all have unique and different shaped bodies and look completely different from each other. There is not a single body blueprint that the rich and famous follow to look good. There the same as ordinary people and have different size limbs and torsos like anyone else.

Even if you decide to follow the celebrity or models eating and training regime you will never attain the same muscular look. Most people workout with other people doing the same sets, reps and exercises. But they all look completely different from each other thanks to genetics and will therefore produce different results in regards to shape and size of any muscles gained.

Most individuals will not stick with any celebrity exercise regime simply because they don't have enough time. Celebrities tend to have more spare time to perform time consuming and exhausting workouts. They also have access to professional trainers and dietitians who know effective exercise regimes and dietary requirements.

The real truth is that most celebrities such as movie stars don't look like they do in the movies for the entire year. They will only look good in certain scenes where they have to show off their muscular physique. Most of these muscles are over defined by the use of special camera angles, film lighting, body makeup or even by the use of CGI.

And there is the ever present specter that is steroids. Actors are on a tight scheduling when making films and are under pressure to look good. Getting older doesn't mean actors can get away with letting themselves go. Doing so will result in not getting roles or lower paychecks and losing the admiration from fans. Taking steroids must be tempting but will never be talked about for fear of ruining their public image.

It is completely fine to be inspired by how celebrities have managed to improve their body shape. When Chris Pratt goes from being overweight to a fit and lean person inside six months it's alright to be motivated by this. Hugh Jackman is in late forties and still looks big and strong it's perfectly sane to consider lifting weights at an older age because his look inspires you. Just don't waste your time following the same routine for the same amount of time and expect the same results.

You don't need to try and look like other people. Improve your body to make people want to look like YOU! Achieve this by increasing your strength and gaining muscle in the first instance. Then to get completely ripped and obtain that defined muscle look drop your body fat. You will look great no matter what type of genes you possess.

Building A Strong Foundation is how to gain muscle

Training To Gain Muscle - A Strong Foundation


You can't construct an amazing looking building on a weak foundation. But most people will attempt to improve their muscle mass without getting the basics nailed down first. This is why so many people who take up lifting weights fail to gain sufficient strength for muscle building. You need to have a strong starting foundation to achieve the body you have always wanted. Here's an explanation of what this entails.

  • Foundation Of Size. You can't chip away with a chisel and create a marble statue without having a big block of marble. You won't be able to really pump those muscles if they are not there. You need to expand the size of your muscles before you can become toned and ripped with isolation exercises and diets to cut the fat.
  • Foundation Of Strength. You will not gain strength and bigger muscles by performing high rep workout routines as you are using too lighter weights. You need to use the combination of compound exercises and heavy weights to become much stronger. This will give you the strength so that you can do isolation exercises to really work on defining those muscles.
  • Foundation Of Form. You cannot lift heavy weights if you don't use the correct form while exercising. Learning proper lifting techniques will reduce injury and make the exercises more efficient. It will help to build your strength so you can really pump those muscles using bigger weights. You will need to perform the main exercises regularly so you learn the proper form.

It is more tempting to go for isolated high rep routines just to feel that pump in your muscles. But if you follow the path of size, strength and form at the beginning. You will eventually gain more positive results from future training such as endurance or aesthetics.

The point is that everything you try will show results in the beginning. You can go to the gym today and perform a high rep isolation routine and start to gain muscle. But you will never achieve the maximum potential muscle mass in the shortest time possible. You will eventually reach a dead end and become disillusioned because you never built that all important foundation,

When people reach this dead end this is the time when they start to doubt themselves and blame their age or genetics. The temptation to waste money buying more supplements increases. The silly thought of using anabolic steroids starts floating around in their mind. They fail to see their training is the main problem due to their lack of experience and failing to build a solid foundation from the start.

This article on How To Gain Muscle is solely to inform you on building a foundation that includes form, strength and size. Once you have achieved this you can diversify into other training if you wish. Most people who take up lifting weights are happy with the results they get from targeting strength. But others prefer more aesthetics and they should make sure to start on a strong foundation before doing this.

Having A Strong Foundation is how to gain muscle

Growing Muscle - Strength Is Size

Achieving more strength leads to more muscle gains. If you lift big weights you will make bigger gains. This is the reason the top bodybuilders who have ever existed are built like and are as strong as a tank. They knew from the outset that strength produces bigger muscles.

Let's go into more detail on this. All the muscles in your body are attached to your bones by tendons. When your muscles contract they help your body move and control the lifting of the weights.The more weight you add to the barbell the more it is affected by the down-force of gravity. Forcing your muscles into work harder while lifting the weight and trying to keep control.

Performing exercises with heavier weights creates stress in the muscles of your body. This stimulates them into growing stronger and bigger to help control this stress easier with the next workout. The sequence goes like this stimulation>>>recovery>>>adaptation. A popular expression to describe this cycle would be 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. Simply put lift big, get big!

Arnold Schwarzenegger totally agrees with this analysis. He won the Mr Olympia title a total of seven times. When he was younger he competed weight lifting at the Olympics, powerlifting and strongman before he moved into the world of bodybuilding. Arnie was capable of dead-lifting 700lbs, bench pressing 440lbs and squatting with 473lbs across his broad shoulders. Here's a quote from his book about the subject of strength.

"The truth is not all bodybuilders are strong, especially those who have done most of their training with weight machines. But years of power lifting and working with free weights had given me massive biceps and shoulders and back muscles and thighs. I simply looked bigger and stronger than the rest."

~ Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Education of a Bodybuilder

Arnie definitely wasn't the first or bodybuilder out there that knew that strength equals size. There is a comprehensive list of top bodybuilders who can lift heavy weights. 

  • Franco Columbu. He was Arnold's training partner who came from Sicily. He could Deadlift 755lbs, Bench Press 525lbs and Squat 655lbs. He also competed as a Strongman. Franco won the Mr Olympia title twice.
  • Reg Park. He was Arnold's mentor and was possible the person who advised him that strength is size. He could Deadlift 700lbs, Bench Press 500lbs and Squat 600lbs. Reg managed to win the Mr Olympia title three times.
  • Ronnie Coleman. The eight times Mr Olympia champion once quoted 'Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder but nobody wants to lift heavy weights.' He could Deadlift 800lbs with relative ease.
  • Sergio Oliva. He competed in the Olympics as a weightlifter for his country. He could lift 300lbs over his head and got a total of 1000lbs. He later switched to bodybuilding and won Mr Olympia no less than three times.
  • John Grimek. Was at the Olympics competing in the Weightlifting event. He then crossed over to bodybuilding and won both the Mr America and Mr Universe titles. Grimek was still able to lift 400lbs when he entered his sixties.
  • Dr Layne Norton. A Pro bodybuilder and powerlifter. Took his skinny 21 inch legs up to 28 inches by performing a increased squat. He regularly Squats 617lbs, Bench Presses 387lbs and Deadlifts 700lbs.
  • Stan Efferding. He is a professional bodybuilder who currently holds the world record performing a squat of 854lbs in the 275lb Class. He is often called the world's strongest bodybuilder by most people.

All these bodybuilders at some point in their career did perform high rep isolation routines to define their muscles and gain a more ripped physique. But initially they were already very strong. They certainly didn't get strength by doing isolated reps of curls or flyes. The strengthening of their muscles came from performing Deadlifts and Squats. This is ultimately how they gained their muscle size and mass.

In the beginning bodybuilders and powerlifters did actually tend to exercise the same way. It was normal practice for weightlifters to compete in both competitions. There was even strength demonstrations in the bodybuilding competitions. But in 1946 Joe Weider put end to this when he created the IFBB and made a beauty contest out of bodybuilding.

This shouldn't detract from the fact that strength is still size. This is the reason why most strong lifters can easily look like bodybuilders when they lose their body fat. Just take a look at any powerlifter or Olympic weightlifter you would find it very hard to identify whether they are a bodybuilder or do strength training.

Proving That Strength Is Size and how to gain muscle

These types of strength trainers wouldn't stand a chance of winning a bodybuilding competition if competing against professional bodybuilders. You personally probably have no plans to compete in any type of bodybuilding competition. Most men want to gain muscle to look more attractive and hopefully increase their chance of being laid. There aren't many women out there who wouldn't like to run their hands down a muscular body. Also there isn't many men out there who wouldn't be happy looking like that.

Sure, they may add some curls to their routines at some point. But the majority of their training will be concentrating on doing heavy Squats, Presses and Pulls. That's what they need to do to effectively compete in the competitions they have entered. They obtained their colossal physique by constantly lifting heavy weights. This shows that form is an important part of function.

There are some people out there that think and totally believe that strength training doesn't actually help to build muscle. This is because most powerlifters carry fat on their body's. Firstly, they do actually have muscles, real big muscles or they wouldn't be able to lift those heavy weights. It's just hidden behind a layer of fat. Those powerlifters will not win competition by being more ripped than their rivals. They win by lifting the heaviest weight.

Secondly, those 300 pound professional bodybuilding mammoths are a lot more toned and ripped than a 300 pound powerlifter. The bodybuilder is more disciplined with their food consumption, use all kind of drugs to have more defined muscle and they tan themselves to make their contours stick out. The powerlifter just consumes more food to aid in the muscle recovery process and break world records. They simply have different goals.

A good comparison is if you take a 180lb powerlifter and a 180lb natural bodybuilder. Line them up next to each other and remove any tanning with both of them being at similar body-fat levels. The average onlooker would find it very difficult to identify the powerlifter.

Several people out there primarily think strength training will never make you big. This contradicts much of the proof provided by successful powerlifters. Andy Bolton successfully completed a Deadlift of 1000lbs and he weighs over 300 pounds. The weight classes in powerlifting goes up to a massive 140 kilograms. These lifters do mostly look fat. But it can't be all fat because fat won't help in lifting heavy weights. Only muscles can help that.

This confusion starts when people see something that makes them doubt the general consensus everyone is following. They have probably seen a very strong lightweight powerlifter and thought he wasn't very big and naively believe that lifting a heavy weight doesn't make you big. This is just not true and they will continue to be wrong.

This video shows Sergey Fedosienko squat 300lbs
who only weighs a lightweight 58 kilograms

Why doesn't this guy have a lot more muscle mass? Why hasn't he got 18" guns? The answer - Your maximum muscular body-weight is controlled by your genetics and how big your frame is and your overall height. Sergey is only 4 feet 9 inches tall. He can't add weight without becoming fat and is tiny 58kg frame is perfect for his height. So this means he won't have 18" biceps or a large amount of muscle mass.

A reminder. Powerlifters aim to lift more weight than their nearest rivals. With the varying amounts of weight class they are able to take control of their body weight. So they will be able to enter weight classes they will be more competitive in. Ideally they don't want to end up in a heavier weight class.

Size really is strength. The celebrities have jumped on the muscle gaining bandwagon and are all beginning to lift much heavier weights. It's the number one recommendation from professional trainers and it helps movie stars quickly add muscle mass in time for looking buff on the big screen. Just look at Hugh Jackman in his Wolverine or X-Men movies or Henry Cavill who both Deadlift heavy weight to gain more muscle mass.

Hugh Jackman is around the 50 mark and he can pull 461 pounds. He once tweeted on twitter the quote 'If the bar isn't bending, you're pretending'. Doing curls will not bend the bar. Heavy Deadlifts and Squats will. Maybe your main goal isn't to gain strength and you just want to add more muscle to your body. Heavy lifting is the only way you can achieve this.

Increasing your strength and size doesn't mean you have to Deadlift huge weights of 700lbs like Arnie. Most people cannot even get close to that. But you do need to focus on getting much stronger than you are now. You can see a massive difference if you ever manage to increase your Squat to 140kg (300lbs), your bench pressing to 100kg (220lbs) and your Deadlift to 180kg (400lbs).

Knowing this people will still make all kinds of excuses not to workout with heavy weights. They will much rather do loads of different exercises and feel totally pumped after doing so. But this will never ever work because to gain muscle size you need to strengthen the muscles you currently have. Lifting heavy weights is the only way you can naturally gain muscle mass quickly. Why not start lifting heavy weights today?

Progressive Overload is how to gain muscle

Gaining Muscle Mass - Progressive Overload

Back in the times of Ancient Greeks. There was a man called Milo of Croton who trained for the Olympics by carrying a calf on his back on a daily basis. Naturally the calf grew in size and resulted in Milo having to lift much heavier weights. Milo's body quickly became bigger and stronger due to this. He became the strongest man during ancient times and won the Ancient form of the Olympics a total of six times.

This story is a legend. But it does demonstrate the principles behind progressive overload and using it in effective training regimes. Gradually increasing the weight of something you are lifting regularly will place additional stresses to your body and muscles. This will stimulate muscle growth so the body is much better at lifting heavy weights the next time.

As already explained in this article strength is size. You have to lift big to grow bigger. Progressive overload is the best way to achieve this. You should start light and gradually add more weight each session and try to keep this going as long as you can. Always strive to lift more. If you are not currently lifting more weight than you were last year then you are not gaining that all important muscle.

It can work the opposite also this usually called progressive underload. People do tend to become less active than they were when they were younger. They ultimately use their muscles a lot less and become tired of doing exercise. They will lose body mass, size in their muscles and gain more fat simply because what you don't use you lose.Your body must have a reason to keep itself strong and maintain its muscularity.

The fact is progressive overload really works and is the easiest way for you to progress. Any sets or reps you do and exercises you perform will not need to change. You just need to add increasing weight to the bar. So if you can visually see more weight being add to the barbell over time. Then you are progressing and therefore gaining muscle.

Most people enjoy training regimes that include progressive overload. It's very motivating to see themselves adding more weight each time they workout. They will look forward to visiting the gym and seeing what the maximum weight they can lift is. No longer will they put of doing consistent exercise like they used to.

Of course it is physically impossible for you to continuing adding weight each workout forever. Or everyone would eventually reach the physical strength of a Superman. You will definitely be amazed at the length of time you can keep adding weights to the bar though. Yes it sounds easy to say add more weight each workout, but nobody is in any doubt that it takes hard work. A minority of people just don't have enough confidence in themselves to keep adding those weight discs.

Lots of people who lift weights yearn for the feeling of being pumped by using dumbbells. Blasting their muscles with intense isolated high rep training which will fail. All this type of training does is fill their muscles with water. The pump in their muscles is usually gone a few minutes after they finish working out.

Other people believe that training their muscles until they are sore is beneficial. The phrase 'There's no gain without pain' has no relation to actual muscle growth. Muscles are usually sore after exercise especially if they are performing a new exercise, adding weight to the bar and upping their reps. What helps you to gain muscle is lifting heavy weights with a barbell progressively.

Some people even try to perform lots of different exercises or alternate the sets and reps they are doing. Thinking that this will somehow stimulate their muscles into new growth. All this does is make their form suffer when performing reps because the aren't getting enough of the right practice. Plus chopping and changing your workouts like that makes it impossible to monitor your progress.

Confusing yourself with complicated training regimes is not the way to go. When you start an exercise you will improve in strength quickly for the first few weeks. This isn't because you are gaining muscle this is because you are getting better with your form. Switching exercises constantly is making muscle growth actually slow down.

The only way to stimulate your muscles into growth is by adding more weight on the barbell. This will shock your body into growing bigger and stronger muscles. You should start with lighter weights on the bar so you don't strain yourself and learn the correct form for the exercises. Then you should progressively add more weights like 2.5kg (5lbs) each time you workout.

Performing Compound Exercises is how to gain muscle

Gaining Muscles Quickly - Compound Exercises

If you successfully want to build muscles then you need to include compound exercises in your training regime. These types of exercise target several muscles groups at the same time. The five most effective exercises are the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift,Overhead Press and Rows.

The most used exercises that people think will help them successfully build muscle are isolation exercise like Flyes, Curls and the Leg Extensions. These are usually ineffective exercises because they are performed with lighter weights. Only one muscle group is used when lifting the weight meaning you can't lift a much heavier weight. Since size of muscle is connected to strength these exercises just won't cut it.

Performing Squats will allow you to lift heavier weights than Leg Extensions since more muscle groups are being used such as the calves, thighs, hips and buttocks. You can handle much bigger weights when doing Bench Presses than you can with Dumbbell Flyes because your arm and shoulder muscles are helping the chest muscles to press the weight. 

Compound exercises use several muscles at the same time therefore they can work together to lift a heavier weight. These are the exercises to choose if you want to build strength and gain bigger muscles.

Lifting heavier weights puts bigger stresses and challenges on the body. So it kickstarts the body into growing and strengthening larger muscles. Lifting heavier weights is the only way you gain a bigger and more muscular body.

With compound exercises you are lifting much bigger weights than you are with those isolation exercises. This is the main reason why you should be performing compound exercises when wanting to gain overall muscle mass.

  • Bench Presses are better than Dumbbell Flyes
  • Dead Lifts are better than Leg Curls
  • Squats are better than Leg Extensions
  • Overhead Presses are better than Front Raises
  • Barbell Rows are better than Rear Raises

Following the Progressive Overload path is much easier to implement with compound exercises. Several muscles groups are being worked and heavier weights are being used. 

If you were doing a 100lb Bench Press and added 5lb this would be a 5% increase. But upping your Dumbbell Flyes from 40lbs to 50lbs would be a 10% increase. You can progress more steadily for a longer time doing the compound exercises.

Compound exercises build muscles in your body more evenly. Since every exercises targets several muscle groups you can't just target those muscles that make you look good on the beach or in the mirror. 

You would look rather freaky if you were walking around with muscular arms and chest with no back muscles and skinny legs. You need to balance the muscle development throughout your entire physique.

Like in the real world compound exercises works several muscle groups at the same time. You would not naturally isolate one of your muscles when lifting something. Your body moves as one complete unit and each muscle and limb compliments the other.

This is why any strength that you do build performing isolation exercises in the gym. Doesn't transfer to tasks you would do in the real world. As you need to exercise and strengthen several muscle groups so they can help each other and combine into much bigger strength.

Only a total of three exercises will need to be done each workout since compound exercises work multiple muscles at the same time. This gives you lots more time in your busy schedule to do other more important things. When you do isolation exercises you usually need to do several more exercises and therefore increase the time spent in the gym.

Compound exercises are how to gain muscle

It's amazing that people still think that you need to really concentrate on a muscle to make it grow. If any of these myths in bodybuilding were actually true. You would have powerlifters with huge broad chest from Bench Pressing and twig like arms from hardly doing Barbell Curls.

Yet the muscles in their shoulders and arms grow because they are steadily lowering and controlling the heavy weight on the down movement. And then controlling and pushing the heavy weight in the up movement. This whole range of controlled movement with the heavy weight is what stimulates growth to occur.

This is why your small tricep muscles don't need much additional exercise after bench pressing those bigger poundages. You may need to focus on a single exercise to pump and shape the muscle. But you certainly don't need to do 4 or 5 additional exercises.

Over working your smaller arm muscles can have a negative effect on muscle growth. Blasting several isolation exercises at your arms won't allow them to recover enough to repair and build new muscle tissue.

People looking for advice on bodybuilding get confused because they see bodybuilders in muscle magazines doing mostly isolation exercises. Remember most of these professional bodybuilders have been working out for many years.

They built their strength and bulk by doing compound exercise at the beginning of their careers. And later they will do isolation exercises because they are strong enough to lift heavy dumbbells and can focus on pumping and shaping their muscles for competition.

“Reg Park’s theory was that first you have to build the mass and then chisel it down to get the quality; you work on your body the way a sculptor would work on a piece of clay or wood or steel. You rough it out ”the more carefully, the more thoroughly, the better” then you start to cut and define. You work it down gradually until it’s ready to be rubbed and polished. And that’s when you really know about the foundation. Then all the faults of poor early training stand out as hopeless, almost irreparable flaws.
I was building up, bulking, going after the mass, which to me meant 230 pounds of sheer body weight. At that time, I didn’t care about my waist or anything else that would give me a symmetrical look. I just wanted to build a gigantic 250-pound body by handling a lot of weight and blasting my muscles. My mind was into looking huge, into being awesome and powerful. I saw it working. My muscles began bursting out all over. And I knew I was on my way.”
~ Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Education of a Bodybuilder
So you will miss doing those Dumbbell Flyes and are still convinced that you can build a bigger chest than you can with the Bench Press. If you go with Bench Press and manage to double the weight from 110lbs up to 220lbs.

This means you have literally doubled the strength in your arms, shoulders and chest. So it will be worth switching back to Dumbbell Flyes at this point because you can use heavier weights. Meaning you will get much better improvement from doing an isolation exercise.

It is acceptable to add some isolation exercises to your routine but they are not to dominate your workout. If you do three compound exercises like Squats, Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press or Barbell Row. You can then add one isolation exercise such as the Dumbbell Curls to get that pump and shape your muscles.
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